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Dr. John Keaney


Cardiac Electrophysiology Cardiac Devices

Blackrock Clinic, Suite 15 |

Monday AM & PM

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Dr John Keaney is a consultant cardiac electrophysiologist. He specialises in the management of patients with heart rhythm abnormalities (in particular Atrial Fibrillation, SVT and Ventricular Tachycardia). In addition to his appointment to Blackrock Clinic, Dr Keaney, also works in the Mater University Hospital, where he is director of the Cardiac Electrophysiology service.

Dr Keaney graduated from UCD medical school with honours in 2004. As part of his postgraduate training he completed 2 years of research in the Mater Hospital, for which he was awarded a Newman Fellowship from UCD.

Dr Keaneys main published research is related to novel strategies for catheter ablation and cardiac devices. In addition to published works in journals such as the British Medical Journal, Dr Keaney has been an invited author to prestigious texbooks such as the European Society of Cardiology Textbook of Cardiology, and Braunwald's texbook of Heart Failure. He has presented his work at conferences such as the Scientific sessions of the American College of Cardiology, and been an invited speaker and session chair for the Heart Rhythm Society scientific sessions. Currently he is part of the joint College of Physicians working group on Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke

As part of his training, Dr Keaney spent 2 years completing a fellowship in advanced cardiac electrophysiology in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. MGH is the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical school and is regularly ranked as one of the best Hospitals in the US.

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