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Prof. Khalid Merghani

Orthopaedic surgery

Hip Replacement Direct Anterior Approach Minimally Invasive Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Partial and Focal knee replacement Sports Knee Surgery Patellofemoral surgery Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction ACL Knee Arthroscopic Surgery Revision Hip Replacement Revision Knee Replacement
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I specialise in all aspects of Hip & knee surgery. I have a particular interest in Minimally invasive anterior approach to hip replacement, Robotic aided and computer navigated knee replacement, deformity correction around the knee, sports knee injuries, meniscal injuries, knee ligament reconstruction, patellofemoral problems (kneecap dislocation) management of cartilage lesions and treatment of early knee arthritis. Upon completing my orthopaedic training in Ireland, I refined my skills by learning robotic, computer navigated, sensor aided arthroplasty of the hip and knee in addition to soft knee tissue surgery in Australia. Furthermore, I have worked closely with the Clifford Craig Research Institute, and we received a grant for the RSA knee replacement study. I devised an online module for orthopaedic education during my training, showcasing my passion for medical education. My aim is to modernise orthopaedic surgical procedures and deliver personalised care and service to my patients.

Completed Basic Surgical training in Ireland. Joined the Higher surgical training program in the Royal college of Surgeon in Ireland and completed it in 2017. Travelled to Australia where I developed my surgical skills in dealing with sports knee injuries, ligament reconstruction, Robotic Knee replacement and minimally invasive hip replacement. I am currently A.Professor in UCD and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Limerick University Hospital. I maintain high activity in research

My research interests started with focusing on stem cell therapy for catilage diseases. I Spent two years developing that in animal models in the lab. This ended with being awarded the Sylvester O'Halloran First Medal. I then moved to clinical research and have numerous publications in Clinical research and developed interest in patient education. I also participated in Large clinical trial looking at the efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma on early arthritic knees, this is published in Journal of arthroplasty. Currently i am focused on the use of technology in training and in surgery and I was awarded the prestigious Stephen Abrahamson Award for Innovation and Outstanding Innovation from Keck School of Medicine, USA in 2022. Link here to my research:  | Researchgate:

I was awarded my fellowship training in Australia and had the pleasure to develop my skills under great surgeons for example: Mr Johnathan Mulford (Knee and Hip specialist and director of Orthopaedic training), Professor Berni Einoder (The first hip arthroscopist in the southern hemsphere), Mr John Batten (President of the Australian Royal College of Surgeon), Professor Munjed Al Muderis developer of the osseointegration implant. This trainng provided me with wide variety of skills in the hip and knee replacement and prepared me for my consultant job

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