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Prof. Alan Irvine

Dermatology (skin health)

Inflammatory Skin Disease

Hermitage Clinic, Suite 12 |


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Dermatologist in Children's Health Ireland and St. James's Hospital, Dublin, (2002-) & Professor in Dermatology, Trinity College Dublin (2007-). Clinical and research interests in inflammatory and genetic skin disorders

Professor Irvine trained in Belfast, Great Ormond Street Hospital London and was a Fulbright Scholar in Children’s Memorial Chicago - Northwestern University.

My research, from basic mechanisms of disease to patient-focussed translational investigations and clinical trials, is directed towards improving the lives of people with both common and rare skin disorders. Principal research themes are epithelial genetics, characterisation of the skin barrier, disease mechanisms in, and advanced therapy of, atopic dermatitis. PI/Co-PI in research grants, including Wellcome Trust and HRB funding. My scientific contributions include > 300 peer reviewed publications, with 1st/Snr authorships in Lancet, NEJM, Nat Genet; and hundreds of invited lectures, including NIH & Keystone workshops and Plenary lectures at the major Dermatology and Allergy Conferences: AAD, EADV, WCD, EAACI and AAAAI. The discovery, with Irwin McLean, of the role of common filaggrin mutations in skin barrier function demonstrated the importance of the epithelial barrier in the pathogenesis of atopic and allergic diseases, which affect more than 1.5 billion people worldwide.

Clinical Fellow Great Ormond Street Hospital. Clinical Fellow / Fulbright Scholar Northwestern University, Chicago

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