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If you are experiencing problems with your teeth or jaw, your GP (general practitioners) or dentist may refer you to a dental or orthodontic consultant. Dental and orthodontic consultants are trained professionals who are experts in diagnosing and treating problems related to the teeth and jaw. 

Common reasons for referral to a dental or orthodontic consultants include crooked teeth, bite problems, gum disease, missing teeth, or jaw pain. Dental consultants may include endodontists (specialists in root canals), periodontists (specialists in gum disease), and prosthodontists (specialists in replacing missing teeth). Orthodontic consultants focus on correcting problems with the alignment of the teeth and jaw, such as braces or other orthodontic appliances. 

During your appointment with a dental or orthodontic consultant, they will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and jaw and develop a personalised treatment plan. Treatment may involve procedures such as fillings, root canals, or tooth extractions, or orthodontic appliances such as braces or retainers. 

It is important to take care of your dental health and seek medical attention if you are experiencing any problems with your teeth or jaw. With the right care and support, it is possible to maintain healthy teeth and gums and achieve a beautiful, confident smile. 

At Blackrock Health, our elective procedures teams offer an expert and experienced solution for these specialist areas of medical care. We understand that any medical treatment you seek is important to you – that is why we treat all our patients to the same standard of excellence. We offer a broad range of procedures and treatments at three locations – at the Blackrock, Galway, and Hermitage Clinics. These include plastic surgery, dermatology, and specialist dental health solutions. Our hospitals provide easy and speedy access to expert care, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment close to home. We also have a long-standing reputation for excellence and expertise - stretching back over 40 years in the case of the Blackrock Clinic. This ensures that you can receive the highest possible standards of care and support. Whether you need a minor cosmetic procedure or a more complex treatment plan, we aim to help you achieve your desired outcome.  

We can look after all your specialist dental needs and help improve your oral health. We will always work with you to discuss your options and prepare a personalised treatment plan. We provide specialist dental care, surgeries and oral cancer treatment using the latest equipment and techniques. 

Our specialists are committed to addressing your needs. If you or your child has a particular requirement, please let us know before your initial appointment.

Not every procedure is available in all our hospitals, and some of our hospitals only treat adults. Please check with your preferred location to confirm that the treatment you seek is carried out there.

Dental and Oral Surgery Services

We provide care in our dental suite and state-of-the-art operating theatres. Our team specialise in many services, including:

  • implant dentistry 
  • prosthodontics
  • periodontics
  • oral surgery 
  • pediatric dentistry
  • maxillofacial prosthetics 
  • orthodontics
  • dental oncology
  • dental sleep medicine

We coordinate complex dental care with specialists across dentistry and medicine.

Orthodontic Services

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry concerned with the growth and development of the teeth and jaws. The aim of orthodontic treatment is to provide patients with healthy, better functioning teeth, while also improving dentofacial appearance. Our expert orthodontists provide a range of treatments, from teeth straightening to aligning jaws. We provide services to adults and children, including Invisalign, SimpliClear and conventional braces.

We provide specialist dental care, surgeries and oral cancer treatment using the latest equipment and techniques. We also provide treatment for patients who have more complex medical and dental conditions, which may require multidisciplinary input.

Treatments include:

  • conventional braces
  • clear aesthetic braces
  • Invisalign clear aligner system
  • SimpliClear, clear wire system

We also provide complex orthodontic treatments, such as:

  • interceptive orthodontics
  • facial orthopaedics
  • surgical orthodontics
  • interdisciplinary orthodontics
How do I get this?

You will need a referral letter from your GP, dentist or consultant before you make an appointment.

Is this insured?

Not all services are covered by health insurance. To find out if you're covered, please check your health insurance before your visit. You can do this on our health insurance cover check page, or by contacting your health insurer. 

How do I pay?

If you do not have health insurance or your health plan does not cover the full cost, you will need to pay the balance due before your treatment or procedure. You may be able to claim back some fees on your insurance. To pay an excess not covered by your insurance or any other inpatient fees, please visit our payment page. If you have any queries about paying for your care, please contact the finance team in your hospital.

Available at:
  • Blackrock Clinic
  • Galway Clinic
  • Hermitage Clinic

Blackrock Clinic

Rock Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, A94E4X7
Dental, Orthodontic & Oral Surgery

Galway Clinic

Doughiska Galway, Galway H91HHT0
Dental, Orthodontic & Oral Surgery

Hermitage Clinic

Old Lucan Road, Dublin, D20 W722
Dental, Orthodontic & Oral Surgery