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Physiotherapy focuses on the treatment and management of physical injuries, illnesses, and disabilities. Physiotherapists work with people of all ages and conditions to improve movement, restore function, reduce pain, and prevent further injury. 

Your physiotherapist will assess your condition to develop an appropriate treatment plan tailored specifically for you. 

Our physiotherapy departments at all three Blackrock Health hospitals provide a patient-focused service centered on evidence-based best practices to provide high-quality care. Our programmes aim to increase your level of health and fitness, enabling you to safely return to your daily life after illness, injury or an operation.

Our physiotherapists specialise in rehabilitation and recovery for outpatients and inpatients being treated across all three Blackrock Health hospitals. 

 We see patients for:

  • Neck and back rehabilitation
  • Sports rehabilitation 
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Rheumatology and arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Post-operative care
  • Cancer and lymphoedema care
  • Respiratory care
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Orthotic prescription and biomechanical evaluation
  • Critical care support


The full range of physiotherapy services across the three hospitals varies. Please contact your preferred hospital location to confirm the availability of a particular service.

Our expert team will assess you before offering advice and providing a personalised programme of care. The full range of physiotherapy services, include:

  • Hand therapy
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Electrotherapy
  • Personalised exercise programmes
  • Manual therapy
  • Massage gun therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Laser treatment
  • Pilates

Our specialised  services include: 

  • Isokinetic assessment and rehabilitation (a computerised measurement of muscle strength and endurance)
  • Biomechanical gait analysis (a computerised 3D measurement of your foot function as you walk or run across a pressure plate)
  • Orthotics (insoles) prescription
  • Pilates classes (contact your desired clinic for timetable) 
  • Acupuncture and dry needling techniques
  • Lymphoedema service 
  • Personalised exercise programmes
  • Pre-participation assessment for a return to sporting activities
  • Occupational health
  • Electrotherapy such as: 
    • Low-frequency ultrasound
    • LASER
    • EMG biofeedback
    • Muscle stimulation including the pelvic floor region
Shockwave therapy

A non-invasive solution for chronic pain in the shoulder, back, neck, heel, knee or elbow.

Clinical studies report a success rate above 75% making it a breakthrough in non-invasive Pain Management and Mobility Restoration.

Radial Shock waves are created by strong acoustic (sound) energy pulses. They have been shown to stimulate the metabolism and blood flow to increase the oxygen delivery to the biological tissues. This has been shown to encourage tissue healing and reduce pain significantly.

Hand therapy

Hand therapy combines occupational therapy and physiotherapy techniques to promote healing and restore function to hands and upper limbs.

Our hand therapists see patients with conditions such as tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. They can treat fractures, burns, lacerations and amputations, and also give advice on how to manage your condition during daily life.

Our therapists use techniques including:

  • splinting
  • joint mobilisation
  • stretching
  • retraining
  • scar management

We also offer surgical repairs to tendons and nerves.

This service is available at Blackrock Clinic and Hermitage Clinic physio departments only. 

Group classes

As part of your physiotherapy programme, we may suggest you come to group classes at one of our clinics. These classes are solely for patients who have undergone treatment at one of our hospitals and need physiotherapy as part of their recovery. 

Rehabilitative group classes are open to patients who have had: 

  • total knee replacement
  • total hip replacement
  • lumbar spine surgery
Please contact the physiotherapy team in your desired hospital to enquire about availability and timetables for these classes. Currently available at Blackrock Clinic & Hermitage Clinic only. 
Sports Injuries

Chartered Physiotherapists use specialist knowledge of sports injuries to ensure your earliest return to full sporting participation. 

Pelvic  Health Male & Female 

Confidential consultations are available with our specialised Chartered Physiotherapists, without the need for a doctor's referral. Female Pelvic Health & Male Pelvic Health requirements are different, and expertly understood at Blackrock Health hospitals.. 

Foot Biomechanical Assessment/Orthotics

Foot pain can be managed with expert postural analysis and orthotics to help correct foot position

Joint & Muscle Pain

 Our Chartered Physiotherapist will monitor and progress your treatment plan, liaising with your doctor or consultant as appropriate. 

Physiotherapy for Respiratory Conditions 

Many breathing problems caused by lung conditions can benefit from chest physiotherapy, such as breathing exercises, manual techniques and postural drainage. 


Patients with back pain can generally self refer, however the "Back Triage Clinic" requires GP referral. 


Headaches can be one of the most debilitating symptoms that a patient may experience. Physiotherapy is an important resource for helping patients cope and manage headaches.

Headaches can have many different causes, but some of the most common include stress, muscle tension, medication side effects and sinus pressure. Other more serious underlying health issues can also cause recurring headaches such as migraines or TMJ disorder (Temporomandibular joint disorder).

How Can Physiotherapy Help Headaches?

Physiotherapists are trained in a variety of treatments to help manage and prevent pain from headaches. Physiotherapy treatments for headaches include manual therapy techniques such as massage and manipulation of muscles and joints, along with strengthening exercises and education on proper posture. An individual may also benefit from using hot/cold application as well as stretching exercises when dealing with their headache symptoms.

There are numerous different types of headaches including:

  •  migraine
  •  tension type headaches 
  •  headaches arising from the neck

Many headaches can be caused by abnormal movement in the neck, holding  the neck in a certain position, increased tension or tightness in the neck muscles and sustained poor postures e.g. sitting at a computer.

Physiotherapy treatment may involve

  •  mobilising the joints in the neck
  •  soft tissue massage
  •  trigger point release
  •  stretching of neck muscles 
  •  retraining muscle strength and coordination
Physiotherapy after a joint replacement

Physiotherapy after an orthopaedic joint replacement operation will vary from person to person. Your programme will also depend on the type of surgery you had and on your specific individual needs. Generally, post-operative physio aims to improve flexibility and motion while strengthening muscles. The goal is to support the operated area, increase endurance and to promote balance and coordination. Your physiotherapist will also instruct you in proper body mechanics to prevent future problems with the joint. This can include activities such as walking or biking to increase your overall strength. Proper use of assistive devices such as walking stick/crutches or walkers may also be recommended, if needed.

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapy is highly specialised and is a registered healthcare profession. Our occupational therapist aims to teach you how to adapt after surgery or a life-changing event. By looking at your specific needs, occupational therapists can help you relearn skills of daily life - such as dressing and personal care. They can also recommend how to change your environment for safety and accessibility, or to help you find emotional support. In addition, occupational therapy can also build strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. This all works together to help you return to your previous lifestyle, where possible and practical.


    How do I get this?

    You do not need a referral before you make an appointment. Please see our Request Appointment Form here. 

    Is this insured?

    Not all services are covered by health insurance. To find out if you're covered, please check your health insurance before your visit. You can do this on our health insurance Cover Check page here, or by contacting your health insurer. 

    How do I pay?

    If you do not have health insurance or your health plan does not cover the full cost, you will need to pay the balance due before your treatment or procedure. You may be able to claim back some fees on your insurance. To pay an excess not covered by your insurance or any other inpatient fees, please visit our payment page here. If you have any queries about paying for your care, please contact the finance team in your hospital.

    Available at:
    • Blackrock Clinic
    • Galway Clinic
    • Hermitage Clinic
    You do not need a referral before you make an appointment.

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