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There are a number of services we offer to outpatients in our three hospitals and at our diagnostic clinic. These include blood tests, scans and minor procedures. 

What you need to do before an outpatients visit?

If you have any concerns or queries about an upcoming outpatients visit, please contact your consultant or doctor. They can tell you exactly what you need to do before your outpatient appointment. Depending on the reason for your visit, and on what test, imaging or procedure you are having, you may need to prepare beforehand. This could include fasting, taking (or stopping) medication, or being collected by someone else. If you're attending as an outpatient, you do not need to bring night wear or an overnight bag. 

When you arrive, a member of our team will register you for your appointment. If you have any accessibility requirements, we can assist you on your arrival at the clinic.

Insurance & Payment

You will need to pay for costs associated with your outpatient appointment when you attend. Many outpatient tests and procedures are covered by  private health insurance. However, you will need to check this with your insurer before attending. Some insurance plans will ask you to pay, and will then refund part or all your outpatient expenses. We will collect payment directly from your insurer if you have full cover. Alternatively, we'll ask you to pay an excess or the full amount, if you are partially covered or not covered for your visit. Please contact your insurer to answer your questions about payment before you attend.

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